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Events this July

Hello traveller! If you’re joining us in the month of July here in the land of Puglia, we invite you to consider these wonderful events that are scheduled to take place near our masseria and across the region. Please ask … Read More

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Visiting Puglia for the first time

Visitors coming to this magical land for the first time are usually surprised by the size of this region and the vast amount of activities available, and as pre-travel planning always comes in handy, we’d like to share some of … Read More

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The beauty and simplicity of Apulian cuisine

The highly acclaimed Mediterranean diet was born here in the sun-kissed south of Italy, and a look around the agricultural fields that surround our masseria highlight the abundance of vegetables that will make their way to your plate, from farm … Read More

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What are you looking for?

It’s probably one of the first questions you ask yourself when booking a holiday. So, when considering Puglia and a visit to our side of the coast, we can assure you that whatever it is, we will guide you to … Read More

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